January 16, 2018


1. How do I list my company, service or product?
First you need to register. You’ll receive a login and password via email. Listings are free when you link back to GolfYellowPages.com.

2. What is the difference between the three listing options?
Par is FREE when you link back
Birdie is for those that don’t want to hassle creating a link back:  $25/year
Eagle rotates your company on our home page. You can also create three listings:  $99/year

3. Why a listing on GolfYellowPages.com?
Each year we mail more than 15,000 copies of our directory to golf courses nationwide. These courses also visit GolfYellowPages.com to see what’s new and to quickly look up more information about the companies in the directory. We are also an acknowledged leader in golf information and a link from our site helps businesses improve their search engine rankings.

4.Can I submit a press release?
Yes, we’ll be implementing that feature soon.

5.Who is Golf Yellow Pages?
Golf Yellow Pages and GolfYellowPages.com are veteran golf industry business-to-business directories that began publishing in 1994 (1999 on the Internet). The Golf Yellow Pages is the only golf industry directory available in print. Call us to learn more.

GolfMediaLibrary.comIn 2010 we launched GolfMediaLibrary.com, a new breed of website featuring interviews with notable authors, new releases, and profiles on exceptional and overlooked products curated from our store of more than 8,700 print and digital media products.

Our mission is to capitialize on the rapid increase and availability of digital media products and to find new ways to connect authors and developers to golfers and industry professionals.

We also offer mailing and emailing services to golf businesses.

6. How do I reach Golf Yellow Pages?
Use the contact form to email us.

Or call 800-864-2754 in the US;  760-942-4227 for local and International callers

We are located in Carlsbad, Calif.