January 16, 2018

About Golf Yellow Pages

1994 Yellow Pages of Golf

The First Edition of today’s Golf Yellow Pages

The Golf Yellow Pages has been helping golfers, golf businesses and golf courses connect for nearly 20 years principally through a printed directory mailed to every golf course in America. The first 17 editions of the directory consisted of yellow pages listings and advertising by golf businesses, and white pages listings of golf courses.

This 18th edition lists exclusively the contact information for U.S. golf course destinations. Eliminating golf business listings and advertising enables us to produce the directory in a more durable and easier to use traditional book format. The book is available for purchase from Amazon, affiliate partners and this website.

The information found in this edition represents a subset of our data. Click here to contact us about how to purchase addition information such as mailing lists.

About the Publisher

Sellbox is a publishing services company located in Carlsbad, CA whose founder has nearly 30 years of sports publishing experience. We have published the directory since 2005 and continue to provide a range of golf media products and services as well as eBook and print book publishing services through Sellbox.

Sellbox Golf-Specific Publishing Projects/Clients

An Environmental Approach to Golf Course Development
by Bill Love, ASGCA, Robert Wood and Mark Sudol

Golf Architecture: Economy in Course Construction and Green-Keeping [Annotated] (GolfMediaLibrary.com Classics)
by Alister MacKenzie

Around the World in 80 Rounds: Chasing a Golf Ball from Tierra del Fuego to the Land of the Midnight Sun
by David Wood

The Golf Letters, Tee Tales
by Annie Loughlin

She’s GottaGoGolf
by Susan Fornoff

Golf Poems: The Greatest Game in Rhythm and Rhyme
by Bo Links

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